Dirty Car Art….Genius!

So I have seen my fair share of street art but this guy takes the cake — or should I say takes the dirt? Not often do we see masterpieces depicted in dirt but the medium here appears less important than the end result.

Recently, my brother-in-law came home furious after seeing that someone has written in dirt on his truck some profanities that should not be repeated. He was so furious! But after seeing this type of art – I would definately welcome having someone paint in dirt on my filthy car.

What do you think?

Is the artist Scott Wade just wasting his time or do you think there is real value in art like this? Check out his website to see more: http://www.dirtycarart.com/


Fantasizing about Sand Art?

Here’s a few of my favorite Sand fantasy Clips. It is amazing what this woman can do. I will have to try this sometime but I swear it never turns out this good!

Also here is a guy who calls himself a magician.

New Moon: Black Hot, Others Not

So the new Twilight movies. If you were a guy that was forced to see it this past week than I perhaps you can read on because this will not be a glowing review. Perhaps you may enjoy. For those diehard twilight fans read on and please tell me where you think I am wrong.

Twilight New Moon, simply put was better than the last one but not by much. The reason why I say this is primarily for the fact that Jacob Black was in a starring role in this film which made everyone (well all the tweens and me at least) swoon. He is gorgeous which relieves the abosolute necessity to be able to act – we let things like that slide for the amazingly beautiful. For the other actors though – they do not get off that easily.

Bella, unlike her name is not as beautiful to look at as Jacob. In fact, she is awkward all the time and overly possessive and whiny. She envisions Edward everywhere in this film and does not appear to be acting sanely. Her friend Jessica sums it up quite nicely in one of few parts in the film that sanity is introduced (right before the biker gang incident.

Meanwhile, all I can say about Edward is that he would have glowing reviews if only his skin did not glow with glitter. From reading everyone’s disgust at the Wal mart special effects in the previous movie I expected more from this film in that area – especially after making so much money from the las film. GIVE ME BETTER SPECIAL EFFECTS!. I watched the new Star Wars Movie and afterwards Twilight seemed weak and pathetic in this regard. Wow, I am getting off track a bit, back to Edward. Anway his acting leaves much to be desired as well. the one part I do like is when Bella and Edward break up though – it throws the crazy Bella into insanity based upon her over dependence on Edward protecting her. Bravo edward, but then you can’t stay away and leave her and Jacob Black alone huh?

The last need I have for these films is more action. Even though it is a romantic/dramatic/….comedy? I find myself wanting more out of these films. It seems like the producers are stretching out their films to make money rather than create a great film. The entire first book was boring on screen because it was just introducing the characters. The second continues to do this with the introduction of the Voltori in Italy. For anyone who has read the books the real action are in the later books with a volteri showdown (like an army vs the Cullens). That is going to be awesome and would have been great if they having lost thier base of followers by then by introducing two slow paced, bad effectual, and pitiful acting in between now and then.

So basically, Twilight has continued horrible special effects, bad acting for those that are not gorgeous, and acceptable acting for the gorgeous. Any other complaints? We will have to wait and see until the next movie.

The Fun Theory

This video is shown as a form of free use.

So my sister just showed me this clip. I really enjoyed the message of the “fun theory”. Basically make something fun and people will do it more. This is a clip of a trash bin where they make a sound as you drop trash into it. Check it out.

This video is shown as a form of free use.

This is clip is by the same makers of the trash bin but here they make people take the stairs more often. They construct a stairway piano. Creative, fun, and good excercise – I love it!

Joshua Bell Experiment

Here is another favorite clip of mine. This is a Washington Post Youtube clip that has Joshua Bell, a professional violinist, playing his instrument in a subway station to see how people will react.

As the video shows, most people just walk by, too busy to notice him. What the Washington Post argues is that if everyone is missing this performance of art -how else are they overlooking the artistic beauty in their daily lives?

As a devout art fan that has passed by many musicians in the subway this is what I think. People like art, but they realize there is a time and place for it. If they are busy and have to get to work they are not going to mess up their entire schedule to listen to a musician on the street who may or may not be a professional. 
We oftentimes are too rushed to gamble, and then lose by having a bad musician expecting money from us at the end of the sequence.

I do not think we are missing “art” and music just  because we walk by a professional playing violin. Instead, I think many of us priortize art in our everyday life when have the capability to hear it via iphone, ipod, mp3 with a push of a button. I think we are more art appreciators than this clip and article would suggest. We like art and music…we just have so much of it that we have to filter out music that does not fit into our schedule.

After viewing this clip and reading a few of others responses I think it is sad that we can not immediately recognize great artists when they show up in the subway. However, the people there are not there to appreciate music. Although some would argue that we should not filter our artistic choices and we should be more open and accepting to all forms of art and music – the reality is that we live in a fast paced world where people have limited time and want a guarantee that their time spent will be rewarded with fantastic content. Apparently our filtering process went wrong in this situation, but perhaps after this article we may unplug ourselves for a moment to appreciate the more simplistic art around us.

Chinese Invisible Man?

So I absolutely love this kind of art. This Chinese guy known as Lui Bolin actually paints himself into his surroundings. See if you can find him…It’s tricky!


First Post Yeah!

Hello, My name is Kathleen and I just started The Art Fan blog. Read on for some fun!